Virus / Malware Removal & Optimization Service

What you get: We remove all viruses, malware, optimize for top speed, and leave you with protection against future infections.

Where: We set up a one-time secure remote connection to your computer to get the job done from anywhere with an internet connection.

When: Most of the time it takes 90 mins or less to complete the job.

Who: A certified Nerd Skills technician works with you the customer to get the job done quickly & easily.

Why: Your computer has slowed down, you see lots of notifications, and pop-ups that you have no idea where they came from.

Our Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction. Fix it or your money back.

For only $99

p.s. Learn exactly how we perform this service below…

Step 1. Make a Remote Connection to the Customer

Click on the upper right-hand corner of the website to Download the Remote Support Tool.

Step 2. Ask the Customer to Describe the signs of infection they have witnessed.

Look for pop-ups, notifications, mysterious new programs installed on the computer. Try to identify and note down the name of the infection.

Step 3. Start Downloading Tools to detect, remove, and protect.

Start downloading the tools needed to detect, remove and protect in the tools section of

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