Case Study: Miami Law Firm

A Miami Law firm with a high employee turn-over. Millions of dollars in accounts receivables. Fear of moving to the cloud and trouble sharing case files with two office locations in the State.

The problem: Too much bookkeeping work for one person. One office not having access to case files of the other office. Not being able to quickly cut off ex-employee email access when they left the company.

The solution: We split up the bookkeeping work among a few people in the company by migrating from QuickBooks desktop to Quickbooks online. Quickbooks online allows for easier access to collecting outstanding payments while not being at the same location. We installed 2 network-attached storage devices to host the company files in each location. This gave them the speed of access and a sense of security knowing that the files were hosted locally instead of the cloud. We migrated the email to gsuite which allowed a one-click freeze to any email account at any time.