Case Study: Miami Boutique running out of time

A Miami boutique owner has a 10-year-old point of sale system that is no longer supported. Her computers are so old that they might not turn on for the next shift. She is faced with trying to “fix” her current system or invest in a new $10k point of sale system that she will have to learn how to use and do $200,000 worth of inventory from scratch.

The problem: Old technology starting to fail. Expensive upgrades. The high learning curve with a new point of sale system.

The solution: Nerskills IT consulting. Take a complete backup of the server, workstation(POS), and QuickBooks computer. Clone old hard drives to new inexpensive solid-state drives. Upgrade 2 machines from Windows 7 to 10. Move Point of Sale program from the old machine to new. Take server which only works on XP and virtualize it. Savings of $10k and possibly bought 3 to 5 years of time.

Nerdskills IT consulting. A case study of a Miami Boutique

Case Study: Home office (one computer for personal & business)

A client moved his business to the home office to cut down on overhead costs. He eliminated all computers except for one. His computer began to be used for his kid’s video games, his home business, and even personal “entertainment”.

The problem: Pop-ups, potentially unwanted programs that appeared out of nowhere, phishing emails asking for his passwords to bank accounts, freezing, nonresponsive pages, and ads everywhere making it virtually impossible to get work done.

The solution: NerdSkills Virus / Malware Removal & Optimization Service