About Us

What are Nerdskills?

NerdSkills are a collection of IT Skills companies commonly hire techs to perform for a fee. Such as data recovery, updating a website, resetting a windows password, or even adding a printer on the network.

Who is behind Nerskills?

Nicholas Molinaro: A ten-year veteran of supporting small business IT needs. I started in residential support and quickly became a Master IT technician supporting small businesses of every type imaginable. I find it just as easy to speak with business owners as fixing the IT issues they run into. I’ve fixed everything under the sun. From data recovery of tape drives to fixing amazon datacenter webservers from the terminal.

James Wolfe: A twelve-year veteran of supporting businesses with IT solutions. James a famous electronic music DJ featured many times in Ultra music festival. He is known for his technical know-how.

Why Nerdskills?

To share IT Skills we have acquired in the thousands of onsite professional IT services jobs that weren’t being taught in any specific course or school. To Provide Professional Services to anyone needing help from us.